Faculty Affiliates

Duncan Callaway

Duncan Callaway is an Associate Professor of Energy and Resources with an affiliate appointment in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Callaway has a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University, was an NSF postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of California, Davis. He joined Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley 2009. Prior to joining UC Berkeley in 2009 he spent several years in industry, working on building energy efficiency and solar photovoltaic design, and he was a member of the research faculty of the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Callaway’s teaching focuses on power systems and energy efficiency. His research focuses on (1) quantifying grid-level impacts of renewables integration (2) designing strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of grid integration of renewables and (3) improving demand side efficiency with new data analysis tools and electric vehicle charging. Some recent specific research topics include volt-VAR optimization in distribution systems, quantifying the value of storage and demand response in power systems, and algorithms for coordinated aggregation of electricity loads to deliver power system level services.